MX Service Journal is an app that lets you take notes of the services and trainings you do on your MX or enduro bike so you can easily see what you have done on each service or what settings you have on the bike for each training.The built in search function makes it easy to find the service or training note you’re looking for. This app has also a sharing function to share your notes outside of the app and also a print function so you can print out your notes.


This app is made specifically for motocross and enduro dirt bike riders. It is much more efficient to have an optimized and dedicated app to write down service and trainings notes in than writing down everything in a spreadsheet or with pen and paper. We want to simplify the service process of your bike so you can focus more on riding. You can easily manage and search through your notes and they are sorted by date. Everything for making it easy to find them when you need to.

Made by Simon Andersson

My name is Simon Andersson and I am an 19 year old Web, IOS and sometimes Android Developer. I like to be creative and develop software that simplifies tasks in the real world. The development of MXSJournal all started when my dad came with the idea of an app where you could write down all the services you do on your motocross or enduro dirt bike.

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